Car Maintenance Hacks for Winter

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Perhaps the most depressing change of seasons is when the crisp, clear days of autumn morph into the snow, dreary days of winter. Winter presents many challenges for drivers, who must deal with challenging weather conditions as well as other nuisances. Frozen locks, iced wiper blades, windshield fog, frozen spray nozzles, and more can affect the ability to drive and visibility while driving. There are some simple maintenance hacks that can ease some of the pain for drivers in the winter.

Windshield Fog

The cold air outside mixes with the hot air inside a car to create a big nuisance while driving--windshield fog. Impeding visibility, this moisture barrier often takes a long time to clear, lengthening commute time.

One car maintenance hack that can clear this fog during the winter season is by turning on the air conditioning. Yes, it will be cold, but with the air conditioning on, the compressor will take the humidity out of the air and clear the windshield. Drivers could also use a clean chalkboard eraser to wipe away fog without smudging up the windshield.

Frozen Windshield Wiper Blades

Another winter nuisance comes in the form of frozen windshield wiper blades. This can also be a costly nuisance if a blade is broken in the process of unsticking it from the windshield. The simplest way to prevent frozen wiper blades is to raise them off the windshield when the car is parked. If the blades will not stay up on their own, wrap an old pair of socks around the blades to prevent snow and ice from building up on them.

Ice-Covered Windshields and Mirrors

Just like with wiper blades, the simplest way to prevent ice-covered windshields and side mirrors is to cover them overnight. Plastic bags can be used for the side mirrors and old blankets for the windshield. Special covers are also sold to cover the mirrors and windshield in one go. These coverings, along with the accumulated snow and ice, are easily removed to reveal a clean windshield.

One last tip is to wash vehicles periodically throughout the winter to remove the rock salt used on the roads. It is harsh and can lead to early rusting or break down of crucial car parts.

Winter is hard enough, so these simple tips can help save precious seconds and minutes where drivers do not have to be outside in the cold and snow.